Mist rises on a lake in the foreground. Forested mountains rise in the background and far off in the distance.

Bays, Lakes and Rivers

Explore Victoria's parks from the water.

Discover the beauty of Victoria's bays, lakes, and rivers. There’s a serene calmness when you sit on the bank of a river allowing time to pass as water flows by. It’s here you can turn off and focus on the sounds around you, water bubbling over rocks, the distant calls of birds and the hum of busy insects. Feel the cool water from fresh mountain streams, it’s life-giving water feeds nature as it meanders its way through mountains and forest to eventually fed a calm lake.

It’s here on the lake where you can experience a different perspective, one you only get from being on the water, pausing to admire the mountains and bushlands. It’s peaceful here. Breathe in the tranquility that surrounds you. Listen to the gentle sound of lapping water and let the expanse of water captivate your senses. Glide across serene lakes, the rhythmic sound of a paddle with its soothing cadence. Explore the hidden wonders beneath the surface, where colorful fish navigate their aquatic realm. Surrender to serenity, allowing it to wash away the busy noise of everyday life. Bays, Lakes and Rivers are a sanctuary for peace and rejuvenation, a place to disconnect with modern living and reconnect with nature.

Everything you need to know about Victoria’s pink lakes

You’ve probably seen photos like this pastel pink beauty on Instagram. It may come as a surprise, but these are truly #nofilter!

These are the natural changing colour of some of Victoria’s lakes.

These bubblegum pink lakes are a natural wonder that many will never get to see, but there are a few right here in Victoria.

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Aerial view of Lake Tyrrell while the lake is pink

Getting into nature is simple and essential

Getting into nature is simple and essential. But often it ends up way down the to-do list. We’re all busy, there’s work, social commitments, domestic jobs and kids needing to be taken places. And way too much TV to binge. It’s easy to leave time in nature in the too hard basket.

But how hard is it really? And what can we do to incorporate just a little time outdoors into each day.

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4 friends relax by the edge of the Yarra River as their curly brown dog gets ready to jump in the water.

Explore bays, lakes and rivers

A young couple paddle kayaks on a sunny afternoon across Lake Eildon.

Lake Eildon National Park

Lake Eildon National Park is in the northern foothills of Victoria's Central Highlands, 150 km north-east of Melbourne. Situated on the shores of Lake Eildon, the park protects 27,750 ha of rugged hills with open woodlands through to dense forest.
Two kayakers come across a group of pelicans on the Gippsland Lakes.

Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

The tranquil Gippsland Lakes are a system of coastal lagoons separated from the Tasman Sea by the coastal dunes of the Ninety Mile Beach. Seven rivers terminate at the lakes – the Latrobe, Avon, Nicholson, Tambo, Mitchell, Macalister and Thomson rivers.
A couple row a boat on the yarra with four inquisitive geese near Studley Park Boat House.

Yarra River

The Yarra River offers a multitude of picturesque settings. The banks of the river have a number of barbecue and picnic facilities, fishing platforms and jettys. In addition, there are trails and paths which cater for cyclists, walkers and joggers.
Two campers relax at their campsite after a long paddle.

Lower Glenelg National Park

The Glenelg River is the central feature of the Lower Glenelg National Park. Along the last part of its winding 400 kilometre path to the sea the river has carved a spectacular gorge up to 50 metres deep through limestone. River erosion and the action of rainwater have created a remarkable cave.

Explore diverse landscapes

A family walk together along the water's edge at Shipwreck Creek beach.

Beaches and coasts

Venture out along Victoria’s dramatic coastline and explore one of the most biodiverse and unique marine ecosystems in the world.
A couple in their thirties take in the view along Dead Timber Track.

Mountain peaks

Climb to the breathtaking vistas atop some of Australia’s most stunning mountain peaks, alpine landscapes, escarpments and grassy high plains.
A young women leads a man on a walk along a river bank.

Rugged bushland

Experience unique Australian nature off the beaten track in one of the many native bushland and desert parks dotted across Victoria.
A man in a blue shirt walks up steps next to a boardwalk while looking at the flora.

Tall forests

See ancient mossy trees and stand under magnificent waterfalls. Walk under grand canopies of Mountain Ash or take a scenic drive through lush green tall forests surrounded by giant ferns.
Two women in activewear walk their dogs while two runners approach them.

Urban parks

Walk, jog, run or cycle in Melbourne’s picturesque inner city urban parks or escape the hustle and bustle with a short drive to idyllic gardens and picnic grounds.
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