EOI 202005 MacKenzie Falls Trial

An opportunity exists for a suitably qualified operator to deliver park visitor information services for Parks Victoria at the MacKenzie Falls Day Visitor Area, in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.

The successful applicant will be granted sole access to a small, pre-determined footprint (in accordance with the standard clauses within the Park Services Agreement), for a period up to 12-months.

About the site

MacKenzie Falls is one of the most popular and iconic destinations in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, and a key destination for visitors seeking to experience Gariwerd’s cultural and natural values. The site attracts approximately 340,000 visits each year.

MacKenzie Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria and a must-see on a trip to Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. It is the only waterfall in Gariwerd that flows all year round as the water flow is controlled from Lake Wartook.

In recent years visitor numbers have grown at the site, with overcrowding during peak periods sometimes diminishing the visitor experience. The steepness of the track down to the waterfall and the temptation of swimming despite warning signs have led to some safety issues in the past.

The opportunity

Parks Victoria is trialing the delivery of park visitor and safety information by a third party. The trial service will also include a limited provision of light foods and drinks to cater for the high number of visitors. The trial will also require the operator to capture visitor data and sales information which will help inform the long-term future of the site.

The type of structure permitted, is a small mobile or ‘pop-up’ structure that can be setup and taken down with minimal works and/or site disruption. This will be the responsibility of the proponent and no permanent works are permitted.

There is single phase power available at the site.

The trial is for a period of up to 12-months.


Parks Victoria has several objectives it hopes to achieve by undertaking the trial, which will be delivered by a third party, including:

  • To deliver park visitor and safety information, consistent with cultural, environmental and recreation material available online and from other park visitor information outlets
  • Keep the site and immediate surrounds tidy and free from rubbish
  • Collect visitor data and information to inform Parks Victoria options for future use at the site
  • Provide light (over the counter) food and beverage options
  • Liaison role with Parks Victoria in the management of safety concerns and/or anti-social behaviour


All applications are to be submitted via the Parks Victoria Expression of Interest (EOI) email address at EOI@parks.vic.gov.au

Applications with email Subject: ‘Application - MacKenzie Falls Visitor Information Services’ are due by midnight AEST on Sunday 28 February 2021, together with the signed Conflict of Interest Declaration.

Please see below for:

Planning permit

Parks Victoria is applying for a planning permit with Northern Grampians Shire Council.

An approved planning permit is required to undertake the trial and operations will not be permitted until a planning permit is approved. The planning permit, when issued, may impose additional operating conditions.


Applications will be assessed by a skills-based assessment panel, against the questions and evaluation criteria in the application form.


All enquiries must be directed in writing to EOI@parks.vic.gov.au

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