Flood and storm affected parks

Flood and storm affected parks

The map above shows areas closed or impacted by flooding and severe weather. NOTE: Parks and reserves along the Murray River are closed between Ovens River and Red Cliffs, near Mildura due to flooding (see map). Other visitor and camping areas along the river may be flood affected and unsafe to access. 

Last updated: 30 November 2022

This page may be updated multiple times a day when there is severe weather. Refresh this page to ensure you are seeing the latest details.

Victoria is experiencing widespread flooding, impacting many communities across the state.

For your safety and the safety of emergency services you should avoid flood impacted parks and forests.

Every effort is being made to keep this closure list up to date in this rapidly evolving emergency situation - however, parks not yet on this list may be inaccessible or unsafe. Physical barriers and signage may not always be in place.

Our staff are currently working hard to support communities and emergency services in responding to this emergency. Many will themselves have been impacted.

Some areas may not be safe for our rangers to access and assess for many days so we won't have information about their condition.

Where closures are not in place, remain cautious of changing weather conditions and the impact this can have on tracks, roads, river crossings and trees.

Parks Victoria will close parks affected by severe weather for public safety. Take care around rivers, creeks and lakes. Water levels and currents may increase quickly and without warning. Never walk, ride or drive through flood water and take extra care on the road being aware of hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges. Don't play, swim or go recreational boating in flooded creeks and rivers. Be careful around trees; the ground is soaked and soft so they are more likely to fall. Call Victoria State Emergency Service on 132 500 from anywhere in Victoria for flood and storm emergency assistance. For life-threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000).



Parks and forests affected by current floods and storms

When conditions allow, staff will continually assess and repair sites so that they can be safely opened to the public. Remember that riverine flooding can impact areas several days or weeks after rain has stopped.

Due to the impact of recent severe weather including storms and flooding, and for the safety of the public and environment, a number of seasonal road closures due to end on 27 October will remain in place. Check the Seasonal Road Closures page for detailed information.

For closures in State Forests and other public land not managed by Parks Victoria, check the Department of Environment, Land and Water (DELWP) website.




Bolin Bolin Park (Yarra Valley Parklands) is closed


Coolart Historic Area

  • Luxton Drive and Wetland Walk track network temporarily closed due to flooding


Lower Maribyrnong Parklands and the entire lower Maribynong trail is closed 


Lysterfield Park

  • Mountain Bike Trail Network - all trails temporarily closed to prevent damage. Full update here. Wide gravel tracks remain open. 


Maribyrnong River closures: 

  • Anglers Tavern Landing 
  • Footscray Landing 


Maribyrnong Valley Parklands closures:

  • Horseshoe Bend Lower Loop Track
  • The Bluestone and Concrete fords in Brimbank Park 
  • Sections of tracks and trails throughout Brimbank Park are flood affected, please follow warnings and regulatory signage.
  • The Lower Maribyrnong Trail is closed and cannot be accessed via Brimbank Park trails.     


Organ Pipes National Park

  • Visitor nodes along Jacksons Creek have some inundation - follow the direction of signage in place.  


Plenty Gorge Parklands

  • Rockfall has closed southern end of Blue Lake track. Main loop access open.
  • Wonga Walk trail near Nioka closed.

Yarra Valley Parklands

  • Banksia Park- closed 
  • Main Yarra Trail - sections closed due to flooding


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Northern Victoria


Arcadia Streamside Reserve is closed

Barmah National Park is closed 


Baillieu Lagoon Wildlife Reserve is closed


Beechworth Historic Park

  • The Lake Kerferd walking track between Lake Sambell caravan park and Mauger Rd is closed to all visitors.


Bendigo Regional Park

  • Plant Road is closed


Benjeroop Wildlife Reserve is closed


Broken-Boosey State Park is closed


Vaughan Springs at Castlemaine Diggings Heritage Park is closed - including the Goldfields Track entrances 

Cathedral Range State Park is closed

The seasonal road closure for Tweed Spur Road due to end on 28 November, will remain in place due to unsafe conditions


Cobram Regional Park is closed


Dartagook Wildlife Reserve is closed

Echuca Regional Park is closed 

English Bridge Streamside Reserve (including Rock Crossing) is closed

Gunbower National Park is closed 

Hattah Kulkyne National Park closures:

  • Lake Hattah Camping Area 
  • Dispersed Camping limited access
  • Emmerts, Firemans Bends & Boat Ramps 
  • River Track (north)
  • Boolungal Crossing 
  • Yerang Track 
  • Bugle Ridge Walking Track
  • Lockie Track 
  • Rim Crossing
  • Mournpall Campground: closed - no safe access to site.
  • Mournpall Loop Walking Track 
  • Mournpall Track -southern section between the Visitor Centre and Lake Mournpall campground. Alternate access via Northern entrance and Konardin Track (not suitable for caravans).
  • Chalka Creek Track


Horseshoe Lagoon Flora and Fauna Reserve

  • The Trawool Walk in Camping Area (Goulburn River Heritage River) is closed


Huntly Streamside Reserve

  • Access track along Bendigo Creek flooded and closed. 


Kerang Regional Park is closed

Kings Billabong Park is closed


Kinglake National Park

  • North West section of the orange track is closed, impacting access to the loop walk
  • The Gums Campground has been re-opened. Three campsites remain closed.  


Koorangie Wildlife Reserve is closed


Kooyoora State Park closures:

  • Kooyoora campground, lookout and day visitor are closed due to damage to Melville Caves Road and Mount View Road.
  • Sunday Morning Hills Track
  • O'Shannessy Road
  • Summit Track
  • Kirwins Road


Lake Eildon National Park

  • Sections of the Collar Bay Walking Track flooded
  • Candlebark Camping Area - Some individual sites closed due to flooding


The seasonal road closures due to end on 28 November, will remain in place due to unsafe conditions. Tracks affected include:

  • Honeymoon Track - closed
  • Lake 1 Track - closed
  • Lake 4 Track - closed
  • Lake Track - closed
  • Pinnacle Track - closed
  • Rhonda Track - closed
  • Steep Track - closed
  • Webb Track - closed
  • Wilson Track - closed
  • Wombat Track - closed


Leaghur State Park is closed


Loch Gary Wildlife Reserve is closed

Lockwood Streamside Reserve (Bullock Creek) is closed

Lower Goulburn National Park is closed


Lower Ovens Wildlife Reserve is closed due to flooding.


Major Creek Streamside Reserve

  • Major Creek Camping Area closed


Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve

  • Picnic area is closed due to storm damage


Murray Kulkyne Park is closed

Murray Sunset National Park

  • Lindsay Island - closed due to riverine flooding
  • Mulcra Island - closed due to riverine flooding
  • Wallpolla Island - closed due to riverine flooding
  • Walla Walla Track - closed
  • Mopoke Track - closed
  • North of Crozier Campground to Underbool Track - closed
  • Grub Track between Honey Moon Hut and Underbool Track - closed
  • Pink Lakes Camping Area - open

Murray River Park 

  • Tooleybuc Bridge to Redcliffs is closed
  • River tracks within Murray River Park between Colignan and Lock 10 have been impacted by flooding.  Many major touring routes and popular camping spots are inaccessible. 


Nyah Vinifera Park is closed


Numurkah Natural Features Reserve is closed


River Murray Reserve closures - see map for more detail.

  • Sites between Doolans Bend and Barmah
  • Echuca East
  • Sections between Echuca & Torrumbarry
  • Gunbower Island
  • Benwell & Guttrum
  • Swan Hill section 
  • From Stuarts Bridge Road to Piangil closed  
  • Burra proposed Murray River Reserve
  • Gadsden Bend Park
  • Major Mitchell Lagoons and Wakool Junction camping area
  • Piambi proposed Murray River Reserve
  • Narrung prosed Murray River Reserve
  • Murrumbidgee Junction
  • Passage Camp - Pelican point camp ground
  • Hopcroft Billabong 
  • Pile Bend proposed Murray River Reserve
  • Camerons Bend
  • Buchans Bend
  • Yungera Island
  • Belsar Island
  • Latterns Bend Murray River Reserve
  • Millers Swing camping area
  • Invincible Bend Tol Tol
  • Beggs Bend - Tol Tol 
  • Walshs Bend
  • Knights Bend
  • Punt Bend
  • Coreena Bend
  • Tammit Bend
  • Upstream of Lake Hume, including:
    • Burrowye Bend
    • Pebble Beach
    • Neils Bend
    • Lighthouse Crossing


Shepparton Regional Park is closed


Terrick Terrick National Park is closed


Tocumwal Regional Park is closed


Tragowel Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve is closed


Turpins Falls Scenic Reserve is closed


Vaughan Mineral Springs Reserve is closed


Wandella Nature Conservation Reserve is closed


Warby-Ovens National Park closures:

  • Hills Track, Wilsons Track
  • Boundary Track
  • Frosts Crossing Track
  • Ovens Track
  • Nicklaus Track
  • Yellow Creek Track
  • Mclaughlins Bend Track
  • Camerons Bend Track
  • South Track
  • Robinsons Bend track
  • McQuades Bend Track 


Yarrawonga Regional Park is closed

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Western Victoria


Brisbane Ranges National Park

Barwon Water are releasing excess water at Upper and Lower Stony Creek Reservoirs. Due to anticipated flooding and possible damage to road surfaces the following have been closed:

Walking Tracks

  • Anakie Gorge walk to Stony Creek Picnic Area and Reservoir
  • Wadawurrung walk
  • Ted Errey walk
  • Nelsons track
  • Burchell Trail from McLeans Highway to Ballan - Geelong Road


Creswick Regional Park closures:

  • Slaty Creek Road closed- access to campgrounds via detours in place
  • The fords across Slaty Creek are above 1 metre and not traversable- access to campsite 2 is from the South only
  • Petticoat Link Track and Slaty Rd visitor area access closed
  • The link track from Slaty Creek Rd to campsite 3 is closed
  • The toilets at campsite 1 are open, but vehicle access is closed
  • Koala Park Walking Track
  • Lincoln Gully track
  • The toilets at St George's Lake main picnic area are closed


Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park closures:

Significant visitor site closures due to flooding- click park page link for detailed information.


Great Otway National Park closures:

  • Great Ocean Walk - Wet and muddy conditions will be impacted further by heavy rainfall and strong winds. Tree fall and land slide risks are probable. Please consider the timing of your walk as these conditions will make a challenging walk treacherous.
  • St George River Walk is closed between Allenvale Campground and Cherry Tree Creek
  • Lake Elizabeth walkway loop has reopened, however the campground and walking tracks are wet and muddy in parts. Trees may fall, especially in windy conditions. 
  • Cumberland River Walking Trail
  • Upper Kalimna Walking Trail closed, Lower Falls remain open.
  • Kalimna Tramline Trail- Walkers can still access the Lower Kalimna Waterfall via the Kalimna Falls Walking Track, which starts at Sheoak Picnic Area.
  • Cora Lynn Campground - closed 
  • Garvey Track - closed
  • Aire River East and Aire River West campgrounds - reopened


Some of the seasonal road closures due to end on 20 November, will remain in place due to unsafe conditions. Roads and tracks affected include:

  • Denham Track – Anglesea - closed
  • Delaney Cowley Link Track – Barwon Downs - closed
  • Garvey Track – Lorne - closed
  • Curtis Track – Separation Creek - closed
  • Delaneys Track – Weeaproinah - closed
  • Coopers No.2 Road – Wongarra - closed
  • Brown Town Track – Yuulong - closed
  • All Park Management Vehicle Only Tracks - closed


Hepburn Regional Park closures:

  • The Blowhole carpark and viewing platform via the main staircase is open, lower viewing platform and associated walking tracks are closed
  • Sailors Falls - walking loop closed due to damage to bridges, walking tracks and landslips
  • Tipperary Springs Visitor node with all associated assets
  • Walking tracks on either side of Sailors Creek between Twin Bridges and The Blowhole
  • Bryces Flat is open, however only accessible via the western side of Bald Hill Road. All associated walking tracks are closed.
  • The Wombat Creek Bridge - between Twin Bridges and Central Springs Reserve


Langi Ghiran State Park

  • Sandpit Track - closed
  • Reservoir Track - closed
  • Langi Ghiran Track recommended for 4WD vehicles only


Lerderderg State Park closures:

  • O'Briens Crossing Picnic Area
  • East Walk from O’Briens Crossing Picnic Area to Cowan Track 
  • Walking track between McKenzie’s Flat and Graham’s Dam


Little Desert National Park

  • Horseshoe Bend Camping Area - twelve camping sites have been re-opened
  • Ackle Bend Camping Area - five camping sites have been re-opened
  • One Tree Hill Track East of Stringbark Track - closed
  • Charcoal Flat Track - closed
  • River Track north of McCabes Hut track - closed
  • Ellis' Crossing at the end of West Wail Road - closed
  • The long-distance Little Desert Discovery Walk remains open. Alternative car parking arrangements are in place for those commencing the walk from Horseshoe Bend. The relevant intention form should be submitted for those undertaking the walk. 


Lower Glenelg National Park

The Glenelg River water level is fluctuating due to seasonal conditions including rainfall events, tidal movements and ocean conditions. Higher than normal water levels have caused some jetties and boat ramps to be inundated with water. Visitor Safety is priority - Do not enter an inundated jetty or boat ramp, as conditions are likely to be very slippery and there could be damage to the structure not easily observed.

  • Pines Landing Jetty - full site submerged and closed.
  • Moleside Creek - jetty submerged and closed. Site remains open for land based activities. Canoe launching permitted, but be aware of submerged jetty.
  • Moleside (Glenelg River) - jetty submerged and closed. Site remains open for land based activities.
  • Georges Rest Jetty - submerged and closed. Canoe launching permitted on adjacent bank, but beware of slippery conditions and submerged jetty.
  • Forest Camp North Jetty - submerged and closed. Site remains open for land based activities.


Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve

  • The toilets at Cork Oaks campground are closed. The closest alternative public toilets are located within the Clunes township.


Mount Buangor State Park

  • Ferntree Picnic and Campground area - open. Access via Saddle Road (western park entrance).
  • Bailes Campground and Middle Creek Campground - open. Access via Ferntree Waterfalls Road (eastern park entrance).
  • Walkers can use the walking track network that connects Bailes Picnic Ground and Ferntree Picnic Area.
  • Rocky Road - closed
  • Buangor Common Track - closed
  • Reservoir Road - closed west of Sapling Bridge Road
  • Wallaby Caves Road - closed north of Blackwood Track
  • Middle Creek Walk - closed between Middle Creek campground and Bailes campground


Ocean Grove Nature Reserve

  • The Go-Yin / Wallaby Track is flooded and not suited for all abilities


Serendip Sanctuary 

  • Wader Walk is closed


Werribee Gorge State Park

  • Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk is closed


You Yangs Regional Park

  • All mountain bike trails are closed


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Eastern Victoria

Alpine National Park

  • Besford Track - closed
  • Big River Fire Track - closed
  • Bogong High Plains Road is closed due to landslip - there is no access to Falls Creek Village and Bogong High Plains trailheads. This should be considered if you planning to walk from other areas of the park and your walk finishes in Falls Creek or the trailheads nearby. There is no access to the Bogong High Plains from Mt. Beauty. The landslide is situated above Bogong Village and is moving slowly due to unprecedented rain. It is estimated that this road will be closed until at least February. Guests with reservations for the horse yards across the High Plains can still access the High Plains via Omeo Highway.
  • Cobberas Track - closed
  • Ingeegoodbee Track - closed
  • Closure of King Basin Road from the intersection with Speculation Road to King Hut due to a significant bog hole that makes the road unsafe for passage.
  • Mountain Creek Campground - open. Access via Trappers Gap Track.
  • Mountain Creek Track - closed
  • McFarlines Flat Track - closed
  • Zeka Spur Track - closed
  • Refer to Seasonal Road Closures for more information

Bemm River Scenic Reserve

  • McKenzie River Rainforest Walk - closed


Cabbage Tree Creek Flora Reserve is closed


Cape Conran Coastal Park

  • Pearl Point Rd between Pearl Point and Bemm River - open but only 4WD access to the following locations
    • Binn Beach campground
    • Pearl Point campground
    • Gunnai Beach campground
    • Py Yoot visitor area
  • Yeerung Lookout - closed
  • East Yeerung Track - closed at Yeerung Bridge and is suitable for 4WD only
  • Yeerung Bridge - open to pedestrians only 
  • Swampy Ridges Track - closed
  • Hekarwe Track - closed west of Swampy Ridges Track
  • East Cape Boardwalk - closed for fire recovery rebuild


Cann River Bushland Reserve - closed


Clarke Lagoon Wildlife Reserve - closed


Coopracambra National Park

  • WB Line Track - 4WD only


Croajingolong National Park

  • Mueller campground - closed 
  • Wilderness Coast Walk - closed from Bemm River to Shipwreck Creek
  • Shipwreck Creek Campground beach access track - visitors can access the beach, but the track is diverted in places
  • Wingan Inlet Campground - water supply trough impacted by flooding, campers need to be self sufficient with water. 
  • West Wingan Road - 4WD only
  • Mt Everard Walk - closed
  • Wingan River Rapids Walk - closed


The seasonal road closures due to end on 30 November, will remain in place due to unsafe conditions. Tracks affected include:

  • Swan Lake Track - closed
  • Clinton Rocks Track - closed
  • Cicada Trail - closed
  • Gale Hill Track - closed
  • Lake View Track - closed
  • Betka Track - closed
  • Miners Track - closed


Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

  • Closed east of Barrier Landing and Drews Jetty area and tracks, and will remain closed until further notice


Holey Plains State Park

  • Seldom Seen Track is closed due to significant culvert erosion following flooding
  • Box Track is closed due to severe weather damage 


Howqua Hills Historic Area

  • Howqua Hills Track between Tobacco Flat and Sheepyard Flat closed
  • Fry's Flat, which is only accessible via the Howqua Hills Track, is also closed

Lakes Entrance - Lake Tyers Coastal Reserve

  • Salmon Road Stairs - open, but there is a temporary diversion along the track where a landslip occurred

Lake Tyers State Park

  • Lonely Bay Walk - open but tree fern loop section at the end is closed
  • Gibbs Track - closed
  • Moras Break Road - closed
  • Reedy Arm No. 2 Track - closed
  • Morgans Landing Track to Ironbark Campground - open but to 4WD vehicles only
  • Trident Arm Track - 4WD access only to Trident Arm Campground and boat launch
  • Cameron’s Arm No.2 Track  - closed
  • Glasshouse Campground - closed
  • Pettmans Beach Campground (in Ewing Morass Wildlife Reserve) - closed


Lind National Park

  • Euchre Valley Drive through Lind National Park - closed


MacLeod Morass Wildlife Reserve 

  • Open but there is a closed area at the south end of the distribution channel due to the track being washed away


Mitchell River National Park

  • Mitchell Views Track  - closed
  • Hortons Track - closed at the intersection of Angus Vale Track and the river crossing at the Rock Creek Camping Area. 


Mount Samaria State Park

  • Sites throughout the park have been severely impacted by the recent storm events and trees are blocking access to Mount Samaria State Park.
  • Mount Samaria Road is inaccessible by vehicle.


Mount Buffalo National Park - Reservoir Rd closed to vehicles. Access on foot or bicycle is still permitted. For overnight hikers walking into the Rocky Creek and Mt McLeod Camping Areas, overnight parking is at the junction of Reservoir Road and Mount Buffalo Road, near the Vic Roads building. The closure of Reservoir Road adds an additional 3.2kms to the walk to both camping areas.


River Murray Reserve

  • Closures upstream of Lake Hume, including:
    • Burrowye Bend
    • Pebble Beach
    • Neils Bend
    • Lighthouse Crossing

Refer to Northern Victoria information on this page for more details on the River Murray Reserve.


Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve closures:

  • River Heritage and Wetlands Trail 
  • Eastern Boardwalk
  • The former bird hide boardwalk


Snowy River National Park

  • 4WD track network in the North Eastern Snowy River National Park is closed.
    (Tracks affected are Bowen Track, Collings Track, Reeds Track, Warm Corners Track, Clem Track, Boundary Track, Warbisco Track, Bowen Link Track, Monkeytop Track, Waratah Flat Rd, Rich Knob Track, Minchin Track and Sun Track).
  • The 4WD track network in the section of Alpine National Park east of the Snowy River is currently closed
    (Tracks affected are Armstrong Track, Snowy Track, Amboyne Track, Blackguard Gully Track, Laurie Track, Tingaringy Track, Rosendale Track, Ingram Track, Cameron Track, Allen Track and Browns Break).
  • Balley Hooley Campground - walking track from the camp ground to the Snowy River is closed.
  • Raymond Creek Falls - open to 4WD vehicles only
  • Boundary Track - closed
  • Kangaroo Firetrail - closed
  • Garnets Track - closed
  • Varneys Track - closed
  • Hicks Track - closed
  • Hicks Campground - closed
  • Jacksons Crossing Campground - closed
  • Waratah Flat Campground - closed


St George Plain Flora Reserve - closed


Wilsons Promontory National Park

  • Little Oberon Bay Walking Track (Norman Point to Oberon Bay) - closed due to significant erosion to the track. Oberon Bay Campsite is only accessible via Telegraph Saddle Walking Track.
  • Sealers Cove Walking Track - closed due to flood and storm damage in 2021. Access to Sealers Cove is still achievable via Refuge Cove, which is a 25km hike from Telegraph Saddle.

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Stay informed

For a list of State Forest closures, visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

For the latest information on emergency information and warnings, visit VicEmergency.

For the latest information on road closures, visit VicTraffic.

For the latest weather conditions, visit the Bureau of Meteorology.

For park closures in neighbouring states, visit South Australia Department of Environment and Natural Resources and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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