Outfoxing predators in Barmah National Park this spring

Wednesday 18 September, 2019

A conservation program to better protect precious native species including the Squirrel Glider, Australasian Bittern, Carpet python, breeding water-birds and turtles during spring and autumn will give new life to Barmah National Park.

The program will reduce the unacceptable population of the European Red Fox which are a known threat to several native species and can also have serious economic impacts on farming communities by predating on farm livestock, including lambs and free-range poultry. The foxes also pose a health risk to humans and pets by transmitting diseases like distemper, parvo virus and mange.

The aim of the program is to reduce these environmental, economic and social and environmental impacts, in areas of Barmah National Park and adjacent to neighbouring properties along the southern boundary of the park.

There will be two baiting periods of eight weeks, one in spring (September/October 2019) and one in autumn (March/April 2020) along the southern boundary of Barmah National Park.

Monitoring will establish average daily bait take and any trend in fox numbers.

During periods of baiting neighbouring pet owners are advised to confine, muzzle and/or restrain domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats, to prevent them from accessing 1080 pest animal poison baits or carcasses. Dogs and cats are not permitted in the national park.

This program is part of the Victorian Government’s Good Neighbour Program to prevent the spread of European Red Fox and protect native plants and animals.

Parks Victoria regularly undertakes dedicated conservation programs, designed to contribute to habitat restoration or predator management across the park network. These programs include activities such as monitoring of grazer and plant populations, revegetation, spraying, controlled burning, and animal control programs.

These programs are crucial to restoring habitat and improving overall landscape health.

To find out more about the Good Neighbour Program go to https://www.environment.vic.gov.au/invasive-plants-and-animals/invasive-species-on-public-land

Quotes, attributed to Wayne Morgan, Ranger Team Leader, Parks Victoria

“Controlling pest plants and animals is crucial to the survival of some of our threatened native species, especially during the spring breeding season.

“Victoria's parks are home to more than 4300 native plants and 948 native animal species.  Parks Victoria plays a vital role in protecting native plants and wildlife.”

“Warning signs will be in place in the area when the program is underway.”

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