A statement from Matthew Jackson CEO Parks Victoria

Friday 15 May, 2020

The Victorian Government is committed to protecting Victoria’s biodiversity, ensuring it is healthy, valued and actively cared for.  

Parks Victoria has a legal and moral obligation to protect the native species that are at risk of extinction from the impacts of feral horses and other pest animals. 

The conservation of Alpine National Park is key to this. Native alpine plants and animals which are found nowhere else on the planet are not equipped to deal with the weight, grazing, hard hooves or trampling of feral horses. 

The 2019-20 bushfires wiped out very large areas of habitat for our unique native species. The areas less affected by fire now provide the only habitat for threatened native species and are being severely damaged by feral horses, whose numbers have significantly increased in the past five years. 

By removing large invasive herbivores from the sensitive landscape, Parks Victoria is providing a greater chance of survival for native species. Feral horse management is one component of an integrated approach to reducing the impacts of introduced animals in the Alpine National Park.  

Parks Victoria regularly undertakes programs to manage deer, pigs and other non-native species, complementing feral horse management. 

All feral horse management operations are thoroughly planned, carried out by highly qualified and experienced professionals under strict conditions, ensuring the operations are safe, effective, humane and in accordance with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and standard operating procedures. 

Safety is a priority, so Parks Victoria is working with Victoria Police to protect the welfare of people involved in the program. 

Planning and implementation of the feral horse management program is underway and will be ongoing. Additional information will be posted on the Parks Victoria website to keep people informed.
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