Protecting tracks this wet summer and spring

Friday 20 November, 2020

Visitors need to be aware that driving on wet tracks damages them. Roads and tracks are easily damaged during wet weather and can only be repaired once the weather clears up and the roads are well dried out. 

When visiting parks in the coming weeks and months, keep an eye out for temporary track closures and if it’s raining or the track looks soft find an alternative route. 

When driving your car or four-wheel drive in a park keep in mind these basic tips: 
- stay off wet tracks or recently graded roads 
- drive only on formed roads
- take notice of signage and only use roads that are open to the public and safe to do so
- avoid wheel spin and churning up track surfaces
- remove fallen trees or limbs from roads; don’t create new tracks by driving around them

Some sections of track in Hattah-Kulkyne National Park have been closed to avoid further damage and will require repair before they reopen.  The track network will be reviewed regularly and may result in more closures.

Repairing damaged tracks can only take place once the track is dry enough to withstand large machinery which can take several months. Repairs take time and resources, and that can be avoided if we all look after them. 
To avoid disappointment, check the website before visiting for changed conditions including current track closures at you can also research alternative parks to visit.

Quotes attributable to Ian Curwood, District Manager Parks Victoria

“While getting into the great outdoors and escaping somewhere new is something we all enjoy and we encourage people to do that, we also remind visitors to be respectful and careful of wet tracks to avoid causing damage.” 

“When camping in parks, monitor the weather and leave before any expected rain so you don’t get bogged or damage tracks. How you drive your vehicle can have a huge impact on the roads and tracks in the park.” 


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