Days Mill Historic Area


Days Mill Historic Area

Days Flour Mill Complex is the best preserved 19th century flour mill in Victoria and contains one of the finest examples of traditional milling technology in working form in its original setting in Australia. The property consists of the mill, a residence, and farm buildings on four hectares of land south of Murchison in the Goulburn Valley, 150 km north of Melbourne.

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Established in the late 1850s by William and Ann Day, migrants from England, the property retains its original machinery and provides an outstanding historic record of traditional nineteenth century milling methods. Days Mill remained in the Day family up until 1986 and played an important role in the early development of the area.

Construction of the Mill began in 1865, and records show that it began operating soon after. The mill ceased commercial operation in the 1880s, as traditional rural mill stone operations were displaced by new iron roller mill technology.

It is not known for certain when the residence was built, however according to members of the Day family, the kitchen area dates from ca.1865 – the same time as the mill, while the two-storey residence with its cast iron verandah was added later. The interior walls are decorated with hand-painted stencils and marbling that dates from 1910.

Ann Day successfully managed the family business, mill, and mixed farm operations following the death of William in 1872, and became a prominent business woman in the district until she retired when her son took over in 1891.

The Mill and Farm remained in the Day family until 1985 when it was acquired by the Department of Conservation Forests and Lands, and from 1996, the property has been managed by Parks Victoria. Days Flour Mill Complex is open by appointment and for special events throughout the year.

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Days Mill Historic Area

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Days Mill Historic Area

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