Little Desert National Park


Little Desert National Park

Dalkaiana Wartaty – Welcome. The Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk Peoples (collectively Wotjobaluk), the Traditional Owners of this land welcome you to country.

The Wotjobaluk people, retain a close link with their land, particularly along the Wimmera River, also known to the Wotjobaluk Peoples, as Barringgi Gadyin. Scarred trees, shell middens, stone tools and oven mounds have all been found in this area.

The range of soil types in Little Desert National Park causes marked differences in vegetation. Many species of plants and animals have succeeded, on poor soils with little water, in creating a kind of arid landscape where survival depends on maintaining a delicate balance of natural forces.

The best time to visit the park is between late winter and early summer when the temperatures are comfortable and the park is full of blossoms and wildflowers. Camp beside the Barringgi Gadyin, and enjoy bushwalks, birdwatching or four-wheel driving.

Things to do in the area

The park has a number of marked, signposted walks, ranging from 30 minutes to three days duration. These are in the eastern block of the park, and are accessible by 2WD vehicles.

Self Guided Nature Walks
Stringybark Walk (30min - 1 hour)
Located on the Harrow - Nhill Road, this short walk show cases the diversity of Little Desert. A brochure at the start of the walk will guide you.

Sanctuary-Keith Hateley Nature Walk (30min)
Start in the picnic area, 10km south of Kiata. A Park Note explains the abundant plant and bird life in this area, including the rarely sighted Malleefowl.

Pomponderoo Hill Nature Walk (30min)
This walk is on the park’s northern boundary, 4km south of Dimboola. It loops around typical desert vegetation. A lookout gives an excellent view of the park, Wimmera River and the surrounding area.

Campground walks
Kiata campground
Several tracks start from the campground. Brochures are available at the start of these walks.

Horseshoe Bend/Ackle Bend campgrounds
A short walk that leads to Ackle Bend provides great views of the eastern block, particularly at sunset. Walkers can continue past Ackle Bend and follow the track a further 1km to the river before returning to the campgrounds.

Long distance walks
Desert Discovery Walk
Long distance walkers can tackle all or part of the 74 km Desert Discovery Walk. Options of one to four days duration are possible.
Overnight walkers are asked to register their details in advance at the Park Office. There are two overnight camps along the way, accessible only by walkers.
This walk is a great opportunity to experience some of the park’s diversity on foot. It is especially colourful in spring.
Father and son bird watching on boardwalk

Bird watching

From bushland to wetlands and everything in between, parks provide habitat to an abundance of common and rare bird species. Go for a wander and see how many you can spot.
Stargazing in the Murray Sunset National Park.


Escape the city lights to remote nature locations to see the spectacular starry southern night sky.
Three friends take a break from their walk to take a photo of a Kangaroo who is equally watching them.

Wildlife viewing

Get up close and personal with some of Australia's shy native wildlife or look up to spot tree-dwelling mammals and flocks of colourful birds,

Tours in the area

Bushwalking, four-wheel driving, horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking are just some of the many activities you can experience in Victoria's parks.

If you want to try something new or meet some like-minded people on your next visit to a park, contact a licensed tour operator.

Parks Victoria licenses tour operators who are experts in these activities and more. They will help you get the most out of your visit.

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How to get there

Little Desert National Park

Camping & accommodation

Camping is available at Ackle Bend, Horseshoe Bend and Kiata campgrounds and at Broughtons Waterhole, Mallee Walkers Camp and Yellow Gum Walkers Camp. 

Camping fees apply at Ackle Bend and Horseshoe Bend. 

Bush camping away from the park campgrounds is permitted in the central and western blocks of the desert.

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Little Desert National Park

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