Access 5-6 Camping Areas (River Murray Reserve)


Access 5-6 Camping Areas (River Murray Reserve)

Camp at Access 5 & 6 Camping Areas and take in the beauty of the more remote areas of the Murray-Sunset National Park. Canoe along the Murray River, go for a swim or just relax at base. No fees or bookings are required. Access is by 4WD in dry weather only. A picnic table is available at the eastern end of the camping area.

Visitor Tips: This is a remote area with no mobile reception. Campers must be self-sufficient and carry all the water and provisions they need. Please practise minimal impact camping and observe relevant fire regulations. Fires are permitted only where fireplaces are provided and must be extinguished with water before leaving. Please bring your own firewood or a gas or electric stove or barbecue.

Campsites should be at least 20m from the river. Avoid camping under or close to large trees like River Red Gums, as branches may fall at any time and swing away from the tree. Chemical toilets are preferred. Pit toilets must be at least 100m from the water’s edge. Bury toilet paper and waste appropriately. No bins are provided – please take all rubbish home with you for recycling or disposal. Download the Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands Visitor Guide for more information.

How to get there

Access 5-6 Camping Areas (River Murray Reserve)

Need to know

Access 5-6 Camping Areas (River Murray Reserve)

Warnings & Restrictions


Dogs are not allowed


  • No firearms allowed
  • No dogs, cats, pets allowed


  • Animals and pests
    • Beware feral bees
    • Snakes
  • Water hazards
    • Deep water
    • Strong currents
  • Other warnings
    • Limbs may fall take care
    • Trees may fall take care

Be Prepared

Stay safe and get the most out of your park visit by preparing for natural hazards and other outdoor risks in Victoria’s parks. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your care. Find out more.

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

Secondary Track Closure Gona Bend

A secondary track within Gona Bend is closed due to the track deteriorating from an increased rainfall over winter. 

The track that is closed is at the entrance to the Murray River Reserve from the Torrumbarry boat ramp. This track closure does not impact access to the park, and there is a detour around the minor track closure. This track will be closed off until it can sufficiently dry out, it may be opened in October. 
Areas further down the main River Track are deteriorating, so caution must be taken when accessing these tracks. 

Echuca Village Reserve minor track closure

An area on the main River Track within Echuca Village Reserve is closed due to deterioration from increased rainfall over winter. The track section will be closed until it can sufficiently dry out. There is a detour around the closed site and access to the park is not affected. 

Other areas on the main River Track are deteriorating, so take caution when travelling on these tracks.  

Richardson's Bend - Temporary Track Closure

This area is currently closed to vehicle traffic due to recent rain and hazardous track conditions.  Parks Victoria is working toward repairing the track network prior to summer for vehicle and caravan access.  The next closest river access site is 11km West at Doolans Bend.

Park partially closed

Some sites within this park are closed until further notice due to the impacts of the 2019-2020 bushfire.

Current Access 21-10-2020

Some tracks are still closed in Barmah National Park and adjoining River Murray Reserve (including Ulupna Island and Barmah Island) as a result of previous rainfall remaining on tracks and current flood water. The closures are to protect public safety and to protect tracks.
The following tracks are open within Barmah National Park, however are recommended four-wheel drive only and are subject to change at any time without notice:
Sand Ridge Tk (part – Bucks Lake crossing closed), River Road (part – Pinnucks Crossing and Black Engine Creek crossing closed), River Tk, Gulf Tk, Tongalong Tk, Siphon Tk, Newmans Tk (part – Gundrys Old Bridge crossing closed), Burnt Landing Tk, Mannions Tk (part - between Mannions Gate and Black Engine Tk), Black Engine Tk, Farm Tk, Agistment Boundary (part – Farm Tk/Gulf Tk loop), Suttons Tk, Trickeys Lane, Boundary Tk (part), Bunyip Tk and the access tracks to the Barmah Lakes Day Visitor Area and Campgrounds.
Depending on changing conditions, 2WD drive vehicles and some 4WDs, including those with low clearance or without snorkels fitted, may have difficulty accessing some of these tracks.
Most tracks are open in the River Murray Reserve (adjoining Barmah National Park) including River Road (part on Barmah Island) and Carters Track (part on Ulupna Island).
See attached map for tracks that remain open, highlighted maroon recommended for 4x4 only access.
We will review access on a weekly basis and open the closed areas as soon as possible. Please take care on all tracks due to the wet conditions and if you can avoid using wet tracks, please do so to prevent track damage.
Visitors to parks and reserves are reminded to follow the public health measures in place across regional Victoria, by wearing masks and following physical distancing measures.

Attachments: Current Access 21-10-20 (298KB)

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