Big Peninsula Picnic Area (Yarra Ranges National Park, Yarra River)


Big Peninsula Picnic Area (Yarra Ranges National Park, Yarra River)

How to get there

Big Peninsula Picnic Area (Yarra Ranges National Park, Yarra River)



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Big Peninsula Picnic Area (Yarra Ranges National Park, Yarra River)

Warnings & Restrictions


Dogs are not allowed


  • No dogs, cats, pets allowed
  • No camping
  • No firearms allowed


    • Not yet assessed

Be Prepared

Stay safe and get the most out of your park visit by preparing for natural hazards and other outdoor risks in Victoria’s parks. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your care. Find out more.

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

Banana Alley Wharf- closed to all berthing

From 26 April 2022, Banana Alley timber wharf will be closed to ALL berthing. Essential commercial pick up/drop off will no longer be permitted. The timber wharf will be closed to all berthing ongoing. The wharf is undergoing construction activities and pedestrian access is restricted to authorised personnel only. Once works are completed, pedestrian access will be given to the landing. 

Further updates and changes to conditions will be provided as needed. 

Seasonal road closures 2022

Some roads in this park are subject to seasonal road closures. Seasonal road closures generally operate from after the long weekend in June through to the end of October, but may be extended due to seasonal conditions. Visit the seasonal road closures page for maps and more information.

Herring Island Southern Landing - closed

Herring Island Southern landing is closed to berthing and pedestrian access for repair works.

O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Dee Rd Trestle Bridge Closed

The Dee Rd Trestle Bridge has been closed for public safety

Subsequently, the O'Shanassy Aqueduct trail now terminates at the bridge near the Dee Rd Picnic Ground, please plan your visit accordingly. We would recommend accessing the western section of the Trail from the Dee Rd Picnic Ground (Millgrove) and the eastern section from the Yuonga Rd Picnic Ground (Warburton).

Works to provide continued access to the trail are due to commence in 2022 with completion expected in 2023.

Shallow waters - Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park

The Herring Island meander on the Yarra River has reduced water depth as a result of built up sediments.  Please ensure that you navigate this area with caution as certain sections have encroached into the main section of the river (near Como and Wesley Rowing landing).

Further updates and changes to conditions will be provided as needed. 

Shallow Waters - River Channel Downstream of Charles Grimes Bridge

The channel immediately downstream of Charles Grimes Bridge in the vicinity of Yarra's Edge Marina has reduced water depth as a result of sediment build up. Minimum depth at low tide may be less than 2m. Large vessels should navigate the area with caution.

Lower Yarra River Maintenance Dredging - CBD and Docklands - March to October 2022

Maintenance dredging is conducted in the Lower Yarra River as part a dedicated four-year dredging program to ensure safe boating access. The third phase of the program is currently being undertaken and targets sites in the CBD and Docklands area. The campaign is scheduled to be completed end of October 2022.

See attached River User Update for more information and the current Notice to River Users for detailed information on safe navigation and exclusion zones related to the works. 

Attachments: Edition 4_River User Update Yarra Maintenance Dredging Program_ June 2022 (892KB)

Restricted access Victorian Rowing Association (VRA) Landing due to dredging

Dredging will take place at the VRA Landing and the areas immediately upstream and downstream of the landing in June -August 2022. The dredging will improve safe access and navigability. During the works, sections of the VRA Landing will be closed and an exclusion zone will be active on the river. 

Please see attached document for further information on how access to the VRA landing will be restricted.

Attachments: InfoSheet_VRA_Maintenance Dredging Works_June 2022 (710KB)

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