Grampians Peaks Trail

Making the fourth and longest walk in the Walk Victoria’s Icons series, the Grampians Peaks Trail will provide a world-class walking experience of 160kms that can be experienced in sections, or as one 13-day journey.

By 2025, 80,000 overnight visitors are expected, with 34,000 walkers set to experience the wonders of Gariwerd, generating $6.39m of economic benefit and tourism development opportunities locally and to the region. It is funded by contributions from the state and federal government.

Project duration and key dates

Works complete - December 2020

Project funding

$20.2 million State Government funding 
$10 million Commonwealth funding

Key information

  • The Grampians Peaks Trail is a world-class walking experience of 160km that can be experienced in sections, or as one 13-day journey. It will showcase the beauty and majesty of the Grampians National Park’s natural and cultural landscapes. 
  • The Grampians Peaks Trail will connect some of the Grampians’ most spectacular peaks, from the massive sandstone outcrops around Mt Zero in the north to Mount Abrupt overlooking the Dunkeld Township and the surrounding volcanic plains in the south.
  • Traditional Owners are engaged with Parks Victoria to determine the most culturally respectful trail alignment and ways to ensure walkers can be engaged in Aboriginal culture and history while completing the trail.
  • Detailed Planning and Infrastructure works commenced in late 2015. Works will be completed by the end of 2020, which will see the delivery of a nature based tourism experience that is both successful and sustainable.  You can view the overall map with sections here.
  • For detailed information on the project specifications please see the Grampians Peaks Trail Master Plan (PDF 16MB).
  • For further information on the Grampians Peaks Trail visit

  • Project partners

    Regional Development Victoria, Horsham Rural City Council, Southern Grampians Council, Ararat City Council, Grampians Tourism

    Community updates


    Who is the walk targeted to?

    The Grampians Peaks Trail aims to cater for a wide range of walkers with a diversity of walk preferences and varying capabilities.  

    Most of the Trail will be Class 4 walk with steep climbs and descents, while some sections of walk may be slightly flatter and easier at around a Class 3 walk.

    Walkers will need to be self-sufficient along the trail, there will be water collection points along the trail. No fires are permitted within the national park, and we ask all hiker to take their rubbish with them.

    The Trail will also be set up to cater for larger groups like schools.

    What will be the cost to walk the Grampians Peaks Trail?

    There will be no charge to walk the trail. Camping fees will apply for overnight hikers, as we do for other camp sites within the park.

    Booking for the Bugiga hiker camp is available on the Grampians Peaks Trail page of our website. Additional hiker camps will be opening in 2020.

    What will the impact on the environment be?

    Some of the Grampians Peaks Trail will be built along the same route as sections of existing trail, which will see upgrades to eroded and damaged sections of track. These upgrades will include drainage where needed and works to better stabilise the track, which will encourage walkers to use the designated Trail and not harm the surrounding environment by walking off-path to avoid damaged sections. These works will also strengthen the track and improve its durability, meaning it will require less maintenance.

    The new sections of Trail will be subject to rigorous approval processes such as those under the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Flora and Fauna Act and all approvals are anticipated to be received in the coming months.

    Will there be many impacts to visitors while the Trail is being built?

    As some of the Trail involves upgrading current sections of track, it is likely there will be interim closures throughout construction for both the safety of workers and walkers alike.

    These closures may involve closing whole tracks, portions of track or multiple areas at once. The logistics of these works are currently being developed.

    Parks Victoria provide updates and information, regarding track closures to allow works to be completed safely. Visit the Grampians National Park page for the latest conditions. 

    What permits and approvals have been sought?

    The permit process is progressing for the removal of vegetation under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act with a Native Vegetation Counterbalance Offset Strategy pending.  

    Approvals have been received for:

    • Cultural Heritage Management Plan 
    • Permission to remove vegetation under the Environmental, Biodiversity and Conservation Act
    • Local Govt Planning Permit from Northern Grampians Shire Council, Southern Grampians Shire Council and Ararat Rural City Council
    • Permission to establish a new walking track within the Major Mitchell remote natural area (National Park Act 1975)
    • Integrated land use agreement with the Gariwerd Native Title Clam Group 


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