Cement Creek Redwoods Forest facility upgrades

Project status

September 2022: Project timelines for the Cement Creek Redwoods Forest Facility upgrades have been delayed, while we work through significant and necessary heritage assessments and permits. This unique park is subject to a number of heritage controls that work to protect the natural and cultural values of the park, and ensure that any works compliment and are sympathetic to this stunning environment into the future. We will provide further updates as this progresses.



The Cement Creek Redwoods Forest in the Yarra Ranges National Park has become an increasingly popular site for visitation over the last few years thanks to the enchanting and photogenic Californian Redwood trees.

Visitors to the Yarra Ranges National Park will soon enjoy improved walks, greater accessibility, new facilities and increased protection of the environment through a new project at the Redwood Forest.

Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and Yarra Ranges council will work together to deliver improved visitor facilities to manage increased visitation at the site while ensuring the environment’s natural values are protected.

Project benefits


The addition of a public toilet and shelter will enable visitors to spend more time in the park and provide a wet weather shelter for events such as weddings and school group visits.

The improvements delivered through this project will also improve access for diverse visitors to visit the Redwoods Forest with a new accessible public toilet, trails, boardwalks and viewing platforms.


The project includes environmental protection works from both Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria to minimise the impacts of visitation to the site. This involves formalising existing trails, building boardwalk style viewing points and closing some informal trails to allow for revegetation of the environment.  


The project involves adding around three times the currently available carparks at the site, which will reduce the traffic impacts and safety issues on the road for the local community. 

Project funding

This project is being made possible thanks to the following funding:

  • $2.3 million from the Victorian Government's $46 million Regional Tourism Investment Fund
  • $300,000 from the Victorian Government
  • $300,000 from Melbourne Water, collected through the waterways and drainage charge.


The Project

Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and Yarra Ranges Council will work together to deliver the following upgrades to the Redwoods Forest.

Parks Victoria works:

  • Adding around 200 new carparking spaces
  • Construction of an accessible public toilet facility and provision of utilities to the site
  • Formalisation of 3.8 km of existing trails to create a signed walking trail network
  • Installation of a visitor safety gate
  • Construction of a visitor weather shelter (appropriate for events such as weddings or school groups on wet weather days)


Melbourne Water works:

  • Creation of boardwalks and viewing areas along Cement Creek for accessibility and environmental protection
  • Fencing and revegetation along the creek and riverbank


Yarra Ranges Council works: 

  • Upgrading the Cement Creek Road Bridge to increase the load limit
  • Re-surfacing of Cement Creek Road between the bridge and entrance to Redwoods Forest. 


Project timeline

Below are the estimated timelines for this project, subject to on-ground conditions:

  • Late 2021: Design concepts underway
  • Early 2022: Yarra Ranges Council works commence 
  • Mid 2022: Construction procurement for Parks Victoria works
  • Mid 2022: Construction commences for Parks Victoria works
  • Late 2022: Construction commences for Melbourne Water works
  • Early 2023: Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water construction complete

This timeline will be updated as the project progresses.

Environment and cultural heritage management

A key objective of this project is to undertake environmental protection works and to minimise future impacts from visitation to the site through revegetation of the creek and riverbed, formalisation of trails and closing some informal trails.

We will work with Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to develop and implement a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the site to ensure the cultural values of the site are protected. 

Who we're working with


Access changes

As at February 2022, there are no access changes at the Redwoods Forest.

We’ll need to temporarily close some areas of the park during these works, and some informal trails and access points will be permanently closed to rehabilitate and protect the natural environment.

We’ll update this page and on-site signage to inform visitors when these access changes come into effect.

Please contact Yarra Ranges Council or Melbourne Water for information on how the works they are delivering may impact access. 


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Will there be access to the creek during works?

Some sections of Cement Creek and the Yarra River will remain open during the works, however other sections access will need to be temporarily closed during the works to ensure the safety of visitors and crews. Parks Victoria will ensure disruption to the park and visitors will be kept to a minimum.

Why are you doing these works?

We are making improvements to the Cement Creek Redwoods Forest to support increased visitation at the site. In addition to improving the visitor experience, these works will protect the health of Cement Creek and the Yarra River through revegetation and the creation of viewing platforms and boardwalks in line with Melbourne Water’s Healthy Waterways Strategy.

How are you making the site more accessible?

This project involves building an all-abilities public toilet facility and formalising around 3.8 km of trails designed to be accessible for visitors of all abilities.


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