Upper Teddington Reservoir Decommissioning Project

Project Timeline

The project will take place in three phases:

  • Phase 1 (2023): Early planning, environmental, heritage, cultural heritage, hydrological and geotechnical assessments of the site.
  • Phase 2 (2023-2024): Consultants and engineers engaged to explore decommissioning options. Community engagement activities to take place.
  • Phase 3 (2025): Appointment of contractor and decommissioning works commence.

The above timeline is subject to assessments, on-ground and construction industry conditions.

Current status: Engineers are currently undertaking hydrology assessments to explore options for the decommissioning including the extent that the dam structure is removed. Hydrology is one of a number of factors that will be taken into account to determine the reservoir’s future including cultural, environmental and social considerations.

Last updated: September 2023

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Project background

This project is being delivered on Dja Dja Wurrung Country.

Upper Teddington Reservoir is located on Strathfillian Creek in the Kara Kara National Park, situated just upstream from the newer Lower Teddington Reservoir. The Upper Reservoir is over 130 years old, and was originally designed to supply water to the town of St Arnaud. The Reservoir provided a continuous supply of water to the town for almost 90 years, until an alternative supply was eventually found. Currently, water from the Upper Reservoir feeds into the Lower Reservoir.

Engineers undertook a risk assessment of the Upper Teddington Reservoir in 2020, and found it posed a long-term safety risk to the community due to ageing infrastructure.

Due to the potential long-term safety risks and ongoing maintenance costs, Parks Victoria has made the decision to decommission the Upper Teddington Reservoir at Kara Kara National Park. The Victorian Government has provided funding to deliver the decommissioning project.


Current status

Early planning and assessments are currently underway.

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Why is the Upper Teddington Reservoir being decommissioned?
Engineers undertook a risk assessment of the Upper Teddington Reservoir in 2020, and found it posed a long-term safety risk to the community due to ageing infrastructure.

The priority for Parks Victoria is to manage this risk and to ensure the safety of visitors and the community. 

Decisions on dam maintenance and decommissioning will be made in line with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action’s (DEECA) guidelines. 

What will the decommissioning look like?
Decommissioning options will be explored following completion of planning, environmental, heritage, cultural heritage, hydrological, and geotechnical assessments.

Once we have more information about what’s next, we will engage the community on the process and how to make this a valuable resource for community and visitors.

Decisions on reservoir maintenance and decommissioning will be made in line with DEECA guidelines.

What environmental and cultural heritage management is being undertaken?
Comprehensive planning, environmental and heritage assessments are being undertaken as part of the decommissioning project. 

Will there be community engagement opportunities for the decommissioning project?
Yes. The community will be consulted during phase 2 of the project when decommissioning options are explored. We will share engagement opportunities and project updates as the project progresses. 

Will the decommissioning impact water supply to the community?
No. The decommissioning project will not impact clean water supply to the community. Any questions regarding water supply should be directed to the responsible authority, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water. 

Questions relating to the Southern Wimmera and Northeast Pyrenees Rural Water Supply project can be directed to the Northern Grampians Shire Council on 03 5358 8600 or ngshire@ngshire.vic.gov.au. 

Will the project have an impact on the nearby campground?

No. Parks Victoria is also working closely with Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (DJAARA) who are leading the planning for upgrades of the campground of the Upper Teddington Reservoir. The campground will continue to provide recreational and wellbeing benefits to both the local community and visitors. This project is one of many improvement programs that DJAARA are leading across six jointly managed Victorian parks.




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