Set aside - Patterson River and Lakes - 3 April 2020

Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015

Port Management Act 1995 (Vic.)

Setting aside areas in the Local Port of Port Phillip

The Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 have been made under Section 98 of the Port Management Act 1995 (Vic.).

The Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015, regulation 11, enable a Port Manager of a local port to set aside an area to temporarily prohibit access. Regulation 14 provides that the Port Manager may specify certain conditions for the use of the areas under each determination.

Under Section 44C of the Port Management Act 1995 (Vic.), the Board of Parks Victoria has delegated this power to Regional Directors of Parks Victoria, in an instrument of delegation dated 17 December 2019.

I, Jo Richards, Regional Director Marine and Maritime, Parks Victoria, determine under the Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 that the areas indicated in the attached Schedule table and maps are set aside for the purposes specified or for the prohibition or restriction of access for the purposes specified, at the times or periods, and in accordance with the conditions, as indicated.

This determination replaces all previous set-aside determinations for the same purpose, and is in force until the date of expiry, which is no greater than 90 days. All previous set aside conditions pertaining to these areas are not applicable as per Regulation 11 (4).

This determination applies from 6 April 2020.

Signed at Melbourne by 
Jo Richards
Regional Director, Marine and Maritime, Parks Victoria
Date: 03/04/2020


Schedule 1: Set-aside area within the local Port of Port Phillip

Area Regulations Time and periods Area set-aside  Additional Conditions (Regulation 14)
Patterson River and Lakes, the furthest downstream lock gate Regulation 11 (1)(a)
Temporary prohibition of access to the area
Commencing 07:00 6 April 2020
Expiring 06:59 5 July 2020
The area within the co-ordinates;
145 08.029E,
38 04.200S
145 8.034E,
38 04.198S
145 08.040E,
38 04.207S
145 08.036E,
38 04.208S
An individual with a Works Permit from Parks Victoria for that area is exempt


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