Piers and jetties


Piers and jetties

Take a relaxing sunset stroll, say hello to a seahorse or drop a line and catch a fish for dinner. The piers and jetties of Port Phillip and Western Port are popular destinations for a range of recreational activities including short walks, sightseeing, fishing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. These structures that connect the land to the sea are home to a fascinating and diverse range of marine plants and animals, waiting to greet those visitors willing to venture beneath the waves. Some activities may be restricted in some areas so please check signs at individual locations.

Things to do

Sunset on St Kilda Pier with views of the CBD in the background.

St Kilda Pier and Breakwater

St Kilda Pier and the Breakwater offers panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and Port Phillip Bay, and is a popular destination for a stroll and fishing.
Two friends fish off the back a boat on a misty morning on Lake Eildon.


In quiet lakes and gently flowing rivers, in the pounding surf or in the depths beneath your boat – the waters of Victoria’s parks and reserves offer some prize catches.
Two teenage girls take part in a sailing race on Port Philip Bay in a small boat called Inkspot.

Boating and sailing

Take to the waves of Port Phillip and see Victoria's coast from the water or sail inland lakes and rivers by boat or charter.
A diver takes a photo a school of fish in the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park.

Scuba diving

Dive to the depths of the ocean floor in marine national parks or explore shipwrecks at the bottom of the bays.

Little Penguins

The St Kilda Breakwater is home to a colony of Little Penguins. Just before dusk, you can view the colony coming ashore from the promenade on the St Kilda Breakwater.
Boats moored in Port Phillip in front of Melbourne's skyline.

Boating and St Kilda Harbour

West of the Pier is a shared windsports zone for kiteboarding, paddle boarding and windsurfing. St Kilda Harbour is a vibrant place offering great experiences for tourists, local residents and recreational boaters.
A couple walks along St Kilda Pier

The Kiosk at St Kilda Pier

The Kiosk, also known as Parer’s Pavilion, is at the heart and centre of St Kilda Pier, offering food and beverages 7 days a week. Sadly, the historic Kiosk burnt down on 11 September 2003, but the newly built kiosk was constructed in accordance with the original plans from 1904. The building has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register since 1984. The Kiosk restaurant is aptly named Little Blue, as it is the only Melbourne venue fully surrounded by Port Phillip.
A weedy seadragon swims along near the sea bed.

Meet some of our unique marine life

Marine national parks and sanctuaries exist to protect Victoria’s unique and diverse marine ecosystem, and the many plants and animals that live in them. Meet some of the marine life that these parks protect.
Snorkelling at Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary

Discover an underwater world

If you’re looking for the best places to see underwater ecosystems and encounter marine wildlife, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to explore marine protected areas. So, pack your togs, wetsuit, a mask and snorkel and head to the coast!

Piers and jetties

Watch the sunrise or sunset, fish, swim, snorkel, dive and more from one the many piers and jetties of Port Phillip and Western Port. These structures that connect the land to the sea are home to a fascinating and diverse range of marine plants and animals.

How to get there

Piers and jetties


Boat Ramp

Need to know

Piers and jetties

Change of Conditions

Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. It’s a good idea to check this page ahead of your visit for any updates.

  • Warneet North Jetty (Warneet North Jetty, The Waters of Western Port Bay)

    Warneet North Jetty Closed

    Warneet North Jetty is currently closed to public access until further notice. 
    Recent assessments have discovered significant safety concerns for the structural capacity of the jetty. The jetty is closed to all pedestrian traffic and berthing vessels. 
    Parks Victoria apologises for the inconvenience. 
    Nearby piers to fish from include the Warneet South Jetty and Tooradin Jetty.

  • Mornington Pier and Jetty (Local Port of Port Phillip, Mornington Pier and Jetty)

    Fishermans Jetty Closure

    Fishermans Jetty in Mornington Harbour is currently closed to public access until further notice. Recent assessments have revealed significant concerns for the structural capacity of the jetty with several failed piles being discovered. The jetty will be closed to all public pedestrian traffic. Berthing access has been restricted to only a few berths that are not affected by the structural failures. Parks Victoria is working with the affected berth holders and community and apologise for the inconvenience. Nearby piers to fish from include the Mornington main pier, Frankston Pier and Dromana Pier.

  • Rhyll Jetty (Rhyll Jetty, The Waters of Western Port Bay)

    Rhyll Jetty - Closure to vehicle access

    Vehicle access on Rhyll Jetty has been closed on recommendations to lower the load limit and ensure safety.   The jetty remains open for pedestrian access and berthing for current commercial operators, but vehicles are not permitted on the jetty.  

    Attachments: FAQ - Rhyll Jetty Vehicle Access Closure Aug 2021 (185KB)

  • Notices Affecting Multiple Sites

    St Kilda Inner Lower Landing Partial Closure

    The St Kilda Inner Lower Landing has been partially closed for public safety.

    There is a temporary fence around the western end of the landing. Access is still available on the eastern end of the landing via the ramp.

    Middle Brighton Pier - partial closure

    Middle Brighton Pier is partially closed due to structural damage.  Access is restricted to the initial 150 metre section of the pier approach from the foreshore to the first low landing. 
    From 12 July to 30 September 2021, Middle Brighton Pier will be closed due to repair works.  Where possible, a 150 metre section of pier from the foreshore up to the first low landing will be opened periodically (such as on weekends) for enjoyment. Please see onsite signage for further directions around periodic restricted access. Find out more about the repair works here.  

    Penguin Viewing Area and Breakwater Closed

    Penguin viewing sessions and the St Kilda Pier Breakwater are currently closed. They will reopen following repair works as part of the St Kilda Pier Redevelopment project. 

    Portarlington Pier Improvement Works

    Work to complete a $9.6 million investment into on-water improvements at Portarlington Pier has begun and will continue for approximately 18 months to September 2022.  For further information visit www.parks.vic.gov.au/projects/portarlington-harbour-access-improvements  

    Attachments: FAQ - Portarlington Pier Upgrade April 2021 (308KB)

    Middle Brighton Pier Repairs

    Middle Brighton Pier is being repaired, reinstating access to the main section of the pier and marina.  Find out more about the works here.

    Queenscliff South Pier Works

    A major restoration at the historic Queenscliff South Pier is underway ensuring its survival for many more years.  Find out more here.  

  • Altona Pier (Altona Pier, Local Port of Port Phillip)

    Altona Pier Partial Closure

    The outer section of Altona Pier, including the pier head, is closed until further notice due to structural concerns with failing support piles.  Visitors can continue to use the first 130 metres of the pier approach but must not enter the closed area indicated with signage and fencing.

    Altona Pier Redevelopment

    A major redevelopment is being planned for Altona Pier to provide an improved recreational space for more people to enjoy for many years to come.   Find out more about the project here.

  • Warneet South Jetty (The Waters of Western Port Bay, Warneet South Jetty)

    Warneet South Jetty Partially Closed

    Warneet South Jetty has been partially closed after engineering assessments conducted found significant safety concerns for the structural capacity of the jetty. The timber jetty head is closed to  pedestrians and vessel berthing. The pier approach and floating pontoon remain accessible for both pedestrian access and vessel berthing on the floating pontoon. 

  • Newhaven Jetty (Newhaven Jetty, The Waters of Western Port Bay)

    Newhaven Jetty Partially Closed

    Newhaven Jetty is closed to vehicle access. The southern arm of the jetty head is closed to pedestrian access. 
    Pedestrian and fishing access along the pier approach and northern jetty head arm are still available.

  • Workshops Site (Local Port of Port Phillip, Williamstown Workshop, Piers & Stony Creek Backwash)

    Boyd Pier and Commissioner's Jetty Closure

    Boyd Pier and Commissioner's Jetty have been closed, and all berthing is prohibited.

    Additionally, there is no public access permitted on the wharves, and access in the waters between the heads of the two piers is prohibited.

    There is no expected date for re-opening of the areas. If you require further information, please contact Seaworks.

    Attachments: Map_final (189KB)

  • Dromana Pier (Local Port of Port Phillip, Dromana Pier)

    Dromana Pier partial closure

    The outer section of Dromana Pier (approx. 40 metres of the pier head) is closed until further notice following an engineering assessment that deemed is potentially unsafe for access. The remainder of the pier, including the low landing, is open for walking, boating and fishing activities. Learn more Frequently Asked Questions.

    Attachments: Dromana Pier partial closure FAQ (900KB)

  • Rye Pier (Local Port of Port Phillip, Rye Pier)

    Rye Pier Upgrades

    A major upgrade is being planned for Rye Pier. Find out more here.

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Two friends go for a swim in Lake Elusive in Croajingolong National Park.

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A couple walk down the track and away from the Lighthouse at Cape Schank on the Mornington Peninsula.


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